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Her Tall Server

Her Tall Server

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Lin + Wang Studio 王秋雪
115mm tall, 90m dia.

Glazed porcelainHand-thrown

Thrown and altered by hand, this classical porcelain server by Wang Qiu Xue is distinct in both form and proportion. The body is comprised of four sides that give way to a soft, rounded lip and gently curved spout for precise pouring. This contrast in geometric shapes keeps the eye moving up and down the pot, drawn in by the harmony of opposition.

Shiny, translucent glaze illuminates the bone-white porcelain clay, and against the absence of color, the expressions of steeping leaves are stark; from the bright amber of Wild Tree Yunnan Red to the electric green of Lishan Winter Sprout, tea is highlighted and cast the star.

From a small series of pots by a husband and wife pottery studio near in Miaoli, Taiwan. While the collective work of this couple has distinct through lines, there are nonetheless small subtleties that speak to each of the artist’s unique hand. It’s in this attention to detail, from both the maker and the user of each vessel, that the beauty and artistry of hand-crafted pottery is illuminated.

Usage and care: These teapots feature a thin, interior liner glaze and are suitable for use with all tea types. Simply rinse between uses or hand-wash with mild detergent.


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