About us

Hello, we’re Song Tea. It’s nice to meet you.

Song Tea & Ceramics was named for the 9th century Song Dynasty, a renaissance of art, culture, and innovation in ancient China.

We draw inspiration from this belle epoch, in the character of the tea we import, and the quality of our ceramics collection. You’ll find its echo in our calm, brightly lit tea studio. And in the care and appreciation our small team has for their craft. Founded by Peter Luong in 2013, Song Tea continues to explore the boundaries of cultivar, craftsmanship, and culture that influence each leaf.

About Song Tea

Tea & ceramics of exceptional quality and character.

Season by season, Song assembles a collection of traditional, rare, and experimental teas. Our collection is comprised of skillfully crafted leaves from clean growing regions, with structure, texture, and complexity. Most importantly, each tea is delicious.

We present tea simply and clearly, with a strong focus on craftsmanship and flavor. Tea is an agricultural product, the end result of strenuous, skilled, and time-consuming work. Our role is to be a steward of this craft.

Our collection features 30+ loose-leaf teas, a small series of caffeine-free botanical blends, and thoughtfully curated ceramic wares from China, Taiwan, and the United States. We take a direct role in the production of our teas and ceramics, working side by side with artists and craftspeople to create a collection informed by tradition, with an eye for contemporary tastes and innovation.

A view of the Song Tea Studio

Our Studio

Our San Francisco studio serves as the backdrop for our explorations, the meeting place of a community that honors tea in its most basic state.

Tucked away on a quiet street in Lower Pacific Heights, our airy studio serves many functions. It’s here that we pack and ship every online order, host monthly tea tastings and classes, showcase our collection of ceramic wares, and welcome the public.

Nestled between our vintage speakers, quirky picture books, and sculptural branches from the neighboring florist, the warm wooden shelves and tables are lined with hand made teaware and canisters of loose-leaf tea. Tea is a sensory experience, and while dear to us, is by no means precious. Here you’re encouraged to touch, hold, smell, and taste.

Song Team

Our Team

Song Tea is comprised of our founder Peter, and a team of four dedicated individuals—Amanda, Cindy, Em, and Chloe.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention our family and friends who lend a hand when things get wild. We are lucky to have them. Please see our colophon to meet the many wonderful contributors who have made Song Tea & Ceramics possible.


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