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About us

We source rare tea and handcrafted ceramics of exceptional quality and character. We work directly with producers at origin.

Each year, we assemble a collection of traditional, rare and experimental tea from China and Taiwan. We look for skillfully crafted leaves from clean growing regions – teas with structure, texture, and complexity. More importantly, every tea in the collection needs to be delicious.

Our ceramics come from Taiwan, China and the United States. We collaborate directly with artists, looking for pieces that show mastery of material and technique, and that echo our aesthetic. Each piece is beautiful to look at and wonderful to use.

Tastings @ Song

We offer limited tastings at our communal tasting table. Seatings are available on drop-in basis on weekdays. We seat our last tasting of the day an hour before close. Tastings are simply $10 per person.

Weekend tastings are by reservations only. To schedule a weekend tasting, please reserve here.