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There are few tasting experiences one can have completely out of context that so thoroughly wrap you in the sense that you’re enjoying something of rare character and quality. After my first visit to Song, I felt an obligation to share my tea with anyone and everyone who would taste it. I was filled with this urge to tell friends and family, ‘No, you don’t understand. This is what tea should taste like.’ Without fail, the first sip would stop beverage professional and novice alike in their tracks. It’s unusual to experience taste and flavor like this where quality is so implicit.

–Alex Powar, Four Barrel Coffee

It’s never been more difficult to tell, on appearances alone, whether a coffee bar is great, or really even any good. Specialized equipment, once an obvious avenue of sussing out a shop’s chops, is no longer the sure-fire arbiter it once was; interior design, also once considered a logical way to separate wheat from chaff (or at least the haves from have-nots) has been democratized and imitated so thoroughly that everyone’s Instagrams kind of look the same. But there’s one sure-fire sign in 2016 that your coffee bar is up to something delicious: if you’re serving Song Tea.

–Jordan Michelman, Sprudge.com

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