• Tea Importer & Maker in San Francisco, CA

Each year, we assemble a collection of traditional, rare and experimental tea from China and Taiwan.

A Herald of Spring

Tiny buds from the same uncultivated, and largely untended 1200m tea garden as our White Dragonwell.

Clusters of tea plants line the hills, and rogue chrysanthemum flowers meander through their loose rows.

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April 30 Dark

As our knowledge of cultivation and craft grows, so does our ability to play with each successive step, dialing a tea’s final character specifically to our liking, and this April 30 Dark is one of a handful of teas that Song has had a direct hand in during every stage of production, from field to finish.

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Yuan Qu, Full hand-built zisha teapot, in zhuni clay.

Pan Yi's Zisha Studio

Hand-made pieces Informed by an in-depth knowledge of traditional and modern teapot forms, and an encyclopedic knowledge of clay types and firing techniques.

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Our Story

Song Tea & Ceramics is a tea importer and tea maker based in San Francisco, CA. We work directly with producers at origin. We opened our doors in October 2013.

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