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Fragrant Leaf, Gift Canister (60g)

Fragrant Leaf, Gift Canister (60g)

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Notes of cucumber, nasturtium, and golden raisin.

Green tea from Sichuan, China・April 2023・川小葉・Organic

The base cultivar for this tea is a small leaf variety indigenous to Sichuan called chuan xiao ye. The elevation and latitude where this cultivar grows affect the character of the crafted tea. In southern Sichuan, it is more intense, with a distinct bitterness; in the north, where our Fragrant Leaf is grown, the cultivar expresses a bright sweetness and a remarkable floral finish.

To craft Fragrant Leaf, the leaves were shade-withered, then drum roasted at a high fire to prevent oxidation before a final, low fire roast. The resulting tea is unassumingly beautiful, with thin, short strands of dark green leaves that brighten and unravel when steeped.

Brew: 4 grams・150 ml・180° F・1 min

This tea takes well to short infusions. The 180° F temperature highlights this tea's aromatics, while the shorter steep keeps what little astringency this tea has in check.

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