In addition to our weekend Tea Tastings, we host regular events, workshops, cuppings, and collaborations, both at home in San Francisco, and around the globe. Events are a wonderful way to grow your knowledge, as well as come together with friends over tea.

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MARCH 24 Sunday 10am-12pm

Tea Tasting and Sourcing Discussion

Join us Sunday morning at Douglas in Noe Valley for a special Tea Tasting with our founder, Peter Luong. We’ll be brewing a select number of our favorite teas from the Song Collection, served ‘up.’ Stop by for a quick cup, or stay the whole time! Please RSVP to

Location: 1598 Sanchez Street, San Francisco, CA

MARCH 8 Friday 12pm-2pm, 4:30pm-6pm

Sey Coffee: Tea Bar Take-over & Talk

For anyone who missed us on Sunday (and for those who can’t get enough), we’ll be taking over the bar one last time. Stop by for a special steeping of some of our favorite teas, including a special nine day fired oolong.

This event will be followed by a round table discussion, open to all. Bring your burning questions about all things tea!

Location: 18 Grattan Street, Brooklyn, NY

MARCH 7 Thursday 4:30pm-6pm

Black Fox Coffee: Tea Tasting & Talk

We’ll be holding a discussion about our favorite subject, tea! This is a great opportunity for industry folks and amateurs alike to delve into the history of tea, sourcing, quality, production and more. Please RSVP directly to

Location: 85 Broad Street (WeWork Entrance), New York, NY

MARCH 3 Sunday 11am-3pm

Sey Coffee: Tea Bar Take-over

Come join us as we take over the bar at Sey Coffee to brew a selection of our rare and unusual teas, served 'up'!

Location: 18 Grattan Street, Brooklyn, NY

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