Tea is a drink best shared with friends, and Song Tea hosts regular workshops, cuppings, and collaborations that allow us to gather and drink tea together, both at home in San Francisco and around the globe. These events provide wonderful opportunities to expand your knowledge, treat yourself to something magically delicious, and meet other tea enthusiasts in our little community.

  • New Song Cups, in celadon.

Quiet Mornings @ Song, Spring Harvest

Session Dates:
SAT 5.18 / FRI 5.24
SAT 5.25 / TUE 5.28
SAT 6.01 / WED 6.05
SUN 6.09 / SUN 6.16

It’s a time we look forward to each spring, when drinking becomes serious study, and we flirt with outliers both esoteric and enigmatic before honing in on a core, harmonious assembly of this year’s Song Collection.

Join Peter, Song Tea’s founder and tea buyer in our San Francisco studio to brew, taste, and discuss teas from this spring sourcing trip. In groups of no more than 6, he'll provide the stories and backgrounds of each tea, and solicit feedback on favorites, inviting you to weigh in on the 2024-25 Song Collection.If you’d like to be a part of this annual Song tradition, or simply join to hear tales from Peter’s time abroad, we welcome you to our Spring Harvest Quiet Mornings. 

Each tasting session seats 6, and will last approximately 2 hours. Dates, times, and tickets for each seating can be found on TOCK.

Location: Song Tea & Ceramics, 2120 Sutter St., San Francisco

Song in Residence, Los Angeles

Session Dates: n/a

From January 26th through the 28th, Gallery KOEN will serve as the backdrop to a series of tea-tasting sessions led by Peter Luong, Song’s tea sourcer and founder.

Song in Residence: LA takes guests through a series of our favorite teas, delving into the histories of each, our ideologies around cultivation and curation, and promises to draw forth the most exquisite notes from each successive leaf.

Each tasting session at Gallery KOEN seats just 4, and will last approximately 2 hours. Dates, times, and tickets for each seating can be found on [TOCK]

Location: Gallery KOEN, 1308 Factory Pl. #505 Los Angeles, CA 90013