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In addition to our weekend Tea Tastings, we host regular events, workshops, cuppings, and collaborations, both at home in San Francisco, and around the globe. Events are a wonderful way to grow your knowledge, as well as come together with friends over tea.

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JANUARY 25, 2020

Saturday 10pm-3pm

Bar Take Over @ PublicUs Las Vegas

Peter is taking over the coffee bar at PublicUs to brew a selection of our rare and unusual teas, served 'up'!

Location: The Annex @ PublicUs, 1126 Fremont St., Las Vegas

JANUARY 24, 2020

Friday 4pm-6pm

Industry Tea Tasting & Discussion @ PublicUs Las Vegas

Please join us for a casual series of talks and tea tastings, covering tea history, sourcing, and philosophy with Song Tea founder, Peter Luong. This even is designed for people in the food and beverage industry- but no one will be turned away!

Please rsvp to:

Location: The Annex @ PublicUs, 1126 Fremont St., Las Vegas

JANUARY 25 - FEBRUARY 29, 2020

Saturdays & Sundays 11am-12.30pm

Lunar New Year Tea & Sweets by Chef Serena Chow [this event is sold out]

Wealth and prosperity abound in the year of the Rat, the first in the cycle of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. So, to celebrate the Lunar New Year we want to share that abundance with you! Join us to share an array of traditional sweets and desserts, reimagined by Asian American pastry chef, Serena Chow. These special snacks were prepared to compliment the Song Collection. Tea will, of course, be served! Details and tickets for these events can be found here.

Location: Song Tea & Ceramics, 2120 Sutter St., San Francisco

AUGUST 11, 2019 Sunday 1pm-3pm

Song Tea Tasting and Sourcing Discussion @ The Fellow Playground

In collaboration with our friends at Fellow), the masterminds behind the iconic Stagg EKG kettle and other beautifully designed brew ware, we’ll be taking over their coffee “playground” with a distinctive line up of teas from the Song Collection. Our founder, Peter Luong, will be brewing teas in porcelain gaiwans, and will present a specially crafted ice tea for the occasion. Stop by for a single drink ($5, donated to Bay Area non-profit 1951), or stick around the entire afternoon. We promise exceptional tea, great conversations, and sunny Mission District weather!

Location: 820 Valencia St., San Francisco

JUNE 25, 2019 Tuesday 4pm & 6.30pm

Oyatsuya Pop-Up at Song Tea & Ceramics

To celebrate the advent of Summer, we’re hosting our first ever tea and dessert pairing in the Song studio, featuring a multi-course tasting menu by San Francisco chef, Junko Schwesig of Oyatsuya. Each course is carefully crafted to accompany a unique tea from the Song Collection, served hot, iced, and carbonated. This special event features two seating times, 4 PM and 6:30 PM and will be followed by a Q&A about tea sourcing and craftsmanship.

Only 12 tickets are available per seating. Please be aware- in the past, tickets for Junko’s Oyatsuya events sell out within 10 minutes.

Location: Song Tea & Ceramics, 2120 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA

JUNE 7 + 8, 2019 Friday & Saturday 10am-2pm

Tea Bar Take-over at Madcap Coffee, Detroit

Song’s first trip to Detroit! We’re taking over the bar at Madcap Coffee’s newest cafe, located on the ground floor of the Shinola Hotel. Song founder, Peter Luong, will be at the bar from 10-2, answering questions about our sourcing philosophy, tea terroir, and craftsmanship. We’ll be serving a curated collection of teas steeped in gaiwans and served ‘up’, as well as a special, cold brewed winter sprout oolong.

We’re asking for a $5 donation per tea, proceeds of which will go to the Gleaners Community Food Bank in Detroit.

Stop by for one drink, or stay and try them all!

Location: 1413 Farmer Street, Detroit, MI

MAY 12, 2019 Sunday 11am-7pm

Debuting the Song Botanical Collection at Aesop Fillmore

Join us for a special Mother’s Day treat at the Aesop atelier on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. The Aesop team will be brewing infusions from our formally secret Botanical series. These caffeine-free, tea alternatives are blended at the Song shop from all organic ingredients!

Location: 2450 Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

MARCH 24, 2019 Sunday 10am-12pm

Tea Tasting and Sourcing Discussion

Join us Sunday morning at Douglas in Noe Valley for a special Tea Tasting with our founder, Peter Luong. We’ll be brewing a select number of our favorite teas from the Song Collection, served ‘up.’ Stop by for a quick cup, or stay the whole time! Please RSVP to

Location: 1598 Sanchez Street, San Francisco, CA

MARCH 8, 2019 Friday 12pm-2pm, 4:30pm-6pm

Sey Coffee: Tea Bar Take-over & Talk

For anyone who missed us on Sunday (and for those who can’t get enough), we’ll be taking over the bar one last time. Stop by for a special steeping of some of our favorite teas, including a special nine day fired oolong.

This event will be followed by a round table discussion, open to all. Bring your burning questions about all things tea!

Location: 18 Grattan Street, Brooklyn, NY

MARCH 7, 2019 Thursday 4:30pm-6pm

Black Fox Coffee: Tea Tasting & Talk

We’ll be holding a discussion about our favorite subject, tea! This is a great opportunity for industry folks and amateurs alike to delve into the history of tea, sourcing, quality, production and more. Please RSVP directly to

Location: 85 Broad Street (WeWork Entrance), New York, NY

MARCH 3 Sunday 11am-3pm

Sey Coffee: Tea Bar Take-over

Come join us as we take over the bar at Sey Coffee to brew a selection of our rare and unusual teas, served 'up'!

Location: 18 Grattan Street, Brooklyn, NY

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