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Formosa Yancha

Formosa Yancha

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Notes of aloeswood, maple candy, and chicory.

Oolong tea from Taiwan・April 2016・台灣岩茶・EU standard conventional

In our collection is a stunningly delicious 1994 aged tea. The 24 year old tea was crafted from a yancha cultivar from China's Wuyishan. It boasts a complex deliciousness that comes from aging, but also from the innate character and quality of the tea itself.

Each year, the tea maker crafts the tea and sets aside most of it for aging, offering only a small quantity for sale fresh. This tea is that fresh stock, picked in late April 2016 from Shan Lin Xi, oxidized, rolled and roasted with care.

This is a mid-oxidized and mid-roasted oolong. The oxidation enhanced the natural woodsy florality of this tea, and developed depth and complexity. The roasting sweetened the result, giving the tea delicious caramel and sugar notes.

The texture and finish of this tea is its strongest suit. The leaves brew a tea with an exceptionally focused character. The aroma, texture, and finish of this tea are perfectly defined. Delivering the sweetness of maple, followed by fragrance of aloeswood, and the distinct tang of chicory.

Brew: 6 grams・150 ml・205° F・1 min

This tea extracts gradually and evenly, so it's quite easy to control the outcome by just paying attention to steep time. We like to highlight this tea's range with a faster 1-2 minute first extraction to emphasize its deep maple sugar notes, followed by longer infusions to highlight this tea's unique florality.

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