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Wood-fired Shiboridashi, Petit

Wood-fired Shiboridashi, Petit

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From Taiwanese artist, Zhang Yun Cheng, comes a collection of wood-fired shiboridashi, our second commission from the artist on this iconic form. Like traditional gaiwans, shiboridashi are used to steep loose leaf tea, with the addition of a gently sloped lip to simplify the pouring process.

These shiboridashi are quite small, and perfect for a solo tea brewing experience. Like the larger version, the profile of these pots are lean, with a bell shaped body, and indented finial. Zhang Yun Cheng has thrown each piece with a slight rim, giving the lid a secure fit atop the body. Three holes drilled in the lid create a natural sieve, allowing for quick evacuation as you pour.

Though thin - especially for a piece that was fired for 5 consecutive days in a wood-burning kiln - the base of these stoneware pots are slightly weighted for balance. None of the pieces entered the kiln glazed, but emerged from the wood-burning kiln with a golden patina.

*Please take note that each pot can be slightly different in color tone and texture. It is not unusual to have areas of thicker ash glazing, and/or colorations that reflect the different interactions between the mineral content of the clay body and flow of flame and ash inside the kiln. Each shiboridashi is unique, and may not be identical to the photographed item.

Usage and care: Hand-wash only, without soap or detergent.

Approximate dimensions: 75mm tall, 90mm diameter, 130ml・Artist: 張允澄


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