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Wild Honey Red

Wild Honey Red

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Notes of muskmelon, green apple, and calendula.

Red tea from Fujian, China・March 2022・野生蜜香紅茶・Wild

Longtime fans of Song Tea will remember Cypress Smoked Wild Leaf from our 2017 collection. It was an unusual choice for us, a departure from the sweet, floral aromatics and qualities we err towards in our sourcing pursuits. Yet, beneath the cloud of incense was a profoundly delicious tea, no less sweet for all its airs of smoke. Wild Honey Red is a return to the base state of our Cypress Smoked Wild Leaf, an unfiltered, bright, and effervescent tea that has much to share.

Wild Honey Red is a cai cha, a term for any of the unnamed or wild small-leaf teas that grow across Fujian. These leaves were foraged near Wuyishan, at 1100m, from trees that grow rogue across the mountainside. It’s an isolated region; save for a fully organic tea garden owned by the tea producer, there are no other tea gardens or farms in the vicinity, so the land is free of pesticides and cross-contamination from neighboring farms. The remote access and wild growing patterns of the trees make for a harvest that is naturally scant. This year’s yield was a mere 30kg.

Production is fairly straightforward, allowing the natural proclivities of the leaves to shine through the final brew. Leaves are harvested on the early side, capitalizing on the fresh aromatics of the young leaves. Withered to 80% oxidation, then bruised and twisted, this red tea nonetheless gives off a range of light, verdant tasting notes. Steeped, the leaves unfurl to display the qualities of muskmelon, green apple, and calendula blossoms.

Brew: 5 grams・150 ml・205° F・1 min

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