White Dragonwell

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Notes of chrysanthemum, rice milk, and marshmallow.

Green tea from Zhejiang, China・April 2018・白龍井・Organic

Our White Dragonwell is an exceptional tea - a product of its terroir, garden management, handpicking and skilled craftsmanship.

This tea’s cultivar is closely related to a rare green tea called Anji Baicha (or Anji White Tea, hence this tea’s name). The buds are small and boast a brilliant green sheen with unique fruit and floral notes.

But what particularly distinguishes this tea is its source garden. At 1200m, the garden is in northern Zhejiang Province, less than an hour drive from Thousand Island Lake. It is remote, accessible via a single path that meanders through rows of loosely clustered tea plants. No fertilizer, herbicides, or pesticides are used on this organic farm, and limited infrastructure means the plants are effectively dry-farmed. The region’s remoteness and elevation produces beautiful tea plants and perfect leaf buds.

The garden’s northerly latitude and elevation, and hands-off garden management style, means the harvest is late to sprout, and sprouts sporadically. We had the opportunity to cup this tea from different harvest days - some earlier, and some later - and selected this one because it best combines the textural, aromatic, and taste properties that best met our specifications.

The amount of work that went into producing this tea is staggering. A single gram of finished tea has over 60 handpicked leaf buds. There are 30,000 buds in 500g of tea. Each batch was carefully roasted in 3 stages. First the tea was fired to stop further enzymatic breakdown, it was then pressed and shaped, and finally pan-roasted to dry. The entire production process took 40 minutes to complete.

The finished result is sublime. To cup this tea is to experience a green that will reset your expectations of what quality is for a green tea. Its texture is incredible – luscious and viscous while at the same time, delicate and bright.

Brew: 4 grams・150 ml・185° F・1 min

Few Dragonwells have the same round texture as this early harvest. Our brew guidelines, followed strictly, will produce a tea that best expresses this tea's texture and mouth feel. We suggest pre-warming the tea brewing vessel, but avoid rinsing the leaves themselves. Instead, slowly pour water onto the leaves to ensure that each leaf is properly pre-moistened.

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