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Whisk for Heritage White

Whisk for Heritage White

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Sustainably grown bamboo・Hand-crafted

Crafted from sustainably grown white Hachiku bamboo, this uniquely designed tea whisk is a close approximation to those used in the Tang and Song Dynasties. The artist is a 24th generation craftsman from Nara Prefecture, Japan and has spent considerable time researching different forms and functions of bamboo whisks. This model is based on a style of tea preparation sometimes known as botebote cha, in which small pickled vegetables are added to tea and whisked together for a savory drink. This model of tea drinking was popular in China’s Tang Dynasty before giving way to more simply prepared teas of the Song Dynasty.

The long, wispy “prongs” of these bamboo whisks create a delicate foam on the top of your tea, and lend both elegance and ceremony to your tea preparation. Pair with our powdered Heritage White ca. 960.

*Please note that handmade items are inherently unique. The whisk you receive may vary slightly from the picture.

Proper Care: prepare whisk for use by dampening in warm water to relax the bamboo fronds. To clean simply rinse under running water, without soap or detergent. Store upright.

Approximate length: 180mm

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