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The Song Collection, 2023-2024

The Song Collection, 2023-2024

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Our entire collection in one box.

The Song Collection is an introduction to every tea in our core lineup, presented in a beautiful box featuring single-brew packets of loose-leaf tea. It’s a distillation of the characters and flavors that light up our palates and a catalog of our annual tea-sourcing expeditions. This is our 10th release, and a celebration of a decade of experience and innovation in the field.

This year's collection contains a particular nod to our early roots, and a blueprint for our journey forward. Four characters in glossy black lettering, 宋代茶選, mark the front of the box. 'Song Style Tea Selection' is our formal title, a name chosen in reference to the culture and traditions of the Song Dynasty, that era of quality, innovation, art, and celebration of beauty that continues to guide everything we do.

Each tea you’ll find here follows our blueprint for sweetness, depth, and finish. Together, these selections demonstrate the breadth and depth of our sourcing efforts, and Song’s involvement from field to finish. Most importantly, they are delicious!

The Song Collection is ecologically friendly - individual tea pouches are fully compostable, and box and wrap are reusable, or recyclable after the removable of a small embedded magnet in the box.

33 individually wrapped, single servings of teas (3-7 grams each), includes core collection teas released up to October 2023.

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