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The Founder's Collection, 2022

The Founder's Collection, 2022

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An exclusive collection of beautiful, esoteric teas. Specially curated by Song Tea founder Peter Luong.

The Founder's Collection is a subscription series that takes members beyond Song's core teas. Sourced by Song's founder and tea buyer, Peter Luong, the collection features outstanding, unique, and enigmatic teas that are not available anywhere else.

Volume 04 of The Founder’s Collection is a departure from Song’s usual sourcing grounds, featuring teas grown and crafted well beyond the borders of China and Taiwan. Over the course of six issues, we’ll taste our way around the globe, from Asia to the Americas. We’ll discuss history, traditions, cultivars and craftsmanship, and discover the unique cartography of sweetness and flavor, endemic to the camelia sinensis family.

Using the same methods and process that Peter has relied on in the field for nearly two decades, we’ll cup each shipment of teas together, take notes, and share feedback in regular guided group tastings online. Tea is a drink to be shared with friends, wherever they may be. We hope you’ll join us as we embark on a journey across the globe.

Membership is limited to 50 participants.


As a member, you will receive a shipment from the collection every other month, six times a year. Your first shipment will arrive in July 2022, barring shipment issues at origin. Price is inclusive of shipping.

Each issue of the collection includes a number of thoughtfully selected teas, along with brewing guidelines, a personal note from Peter detailing the origin of each tea, the story of how he found it, and why it made the cut for the collection.

We estimate 50-120 grams of tea per shipment. However, exact tea quantities may vary depending on the type and rarity of the tea in each shipment.

Interested to learn more about The Founder’s Collection? Discover Volumes 1-3 here, or send us an email at



Volume 04 Selections
Issue 01: JAPAN: Gyokuro+Hakuyocha, Kocha, Oolong, Karigane Kuki-Hojicha
Issue 02: SOUTH KOREA P1: Ddok Cha Coin, Ddok Cha Cake, Oolong, Chonggyul Hongcha, Juktong Hongcha
Issue 03: SOUTH KOREA P2: BahlHyoCha, Hongcha, Mountain Green, Yuja ByeongCha
Issue 04: NEPAL: White Curls, Mountain Green, Mountain Red, Hand Rolled Black, Gold Curls
Issue 05: MYANMAR: Tree Spirit White, Tiny Temple Green, Ruby Black
Issue 06: VIETNAM: Bug Bitten Jade Oolong, Red Oolong, Forest Wild Dark, Wild Green, Pomelo Flower Green
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