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The Founder's Collection, 2021

The Founder's Collection, 2021

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An exclusive collection of beautiful, esoteric teas. Specially curated by Song Tea founder Peter Luong

The Founder's Collection is a subscription series that takes members beyond Song's core teas. Sourced by Song's founder and tea buyer, Peter Luong, the collection features outstanding, unique, and enigmatic teas that are not available anywhere else.

Volume 03 of The Founder’s Collection is designed to expand your palate, and sharpen your intuition when it comes to identifying and selecting teas. We’ll be sharing collections of teas for you to taste side by side. Fresh maocha paired with its roasted counterpart. A single cultivar, processed as two different types of tea. Multiple elevations presented together, a cartography of sweetness and flavor. And more.

Using the same methods and process that Peter has relied on in the field for nearly two decades, this year long series delves deep into the language, and nuance of tea. With each shipment, Peter will guide member’s of The Founder’s Collection in a group tasting (virtually, for now), to discuss process, provenance, and craft, and share tasting notes together.

Think of this as a MasterClass in a way, though know that there are no true masters. Each subsequent pot of tea is an opportunity for learning and discovery. We invite you to come along with us on this journey.

Membership is limited to 50 participants.


As a member, you will receive a shipment from the collection every other month, six times a year. Your first shipment will arrive in mid-June 2021, barring shipment issues at origin. Price is inclusive of shipping.

Each shipment includes a number of carefully selected teas, along with brewing guidelines, a personal note from Peter detailing the origin of each tea, the story of how he found it, and why it made the cut for the collection.

We are aiming to have approximately 50-120 grams of tea per shipment. However, exact tea quantities may vary depending on the type and rarity of the tea in each shipment.


Volume 03 Selections


Issue 01: DRAGONWELL STUDY: Wu Niu Zao, Jiukeng, Xihu, Shifeng, Huangjin, White

Issue 02: SHUIXIAN: Green Oolong, Red Oolong, Aged & Roasted, Red

Issue 03: MR+MRS CHEN's: Original, Two, Five and Ten-day Fired

Issue 04: SHENG PU-ERH: Manzhuang, Yiwu, Nannuo

Issue 05: NEW GARDEN DANCONG: Huangzhi, Yelai, Yashi, Almond, Song, Lei Kou Chai, Honey Orchid, Iris



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