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The Founder's Collection, 2019

The Founder's Collection, 2019

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An exclusive collection of beautiful, esoteric teas.   Specially curated by Peter Luong

The Founder's Collection is a subscription series that takes members beyond Song's core teas. Sourced by Song's founder and tea buyer, Peter Luong, the collection features outstanding, unique, and enigmatic teas that are not available anywhere else.

Members of The Founder’s Collection will be placing their trust in Peter’s talent to scout out and determine the most exquisite teas during his Spring sourcing trip this year. Our aim is to assemble a set of teas outside the constraints of Song's core collection, teas that for reasons of scarcity, obscurity, cost or otherwise, do not fit within our broader line-up.

As you read this, Peter is live in the field, cupping and discussing hundreds of teas with local producers, and carefully curating this special collection.

Because we’re working on this series in real time, it’s important that we know exactly how much of each tea we will need to secure before Peter returns from Asia. Therefore, membership will be limited to 30 participants, and we will close registration on Sunday, April 21st at 8 pm PST. No additional Founder's Collections will be sold after April 21st. 


As a member, you will receive a shipment from the collection every other month, six times a year. Your first shipment will arrive in June 2019. Price is inclusive of shipping.

Each shipment includes 1-2 carefully selected teas, along with brewing guidelines, tasting notes and flavor profiles, and a personal note from Peter detailing the origin of each tea, the story of how he found it, and why it made the cut for the collection.

We are aiming to have approximately 120 grams of tea per shipment. However, exact tea quantities may vary depending on the type and rarity of the tea in each shipment.


Volume 01 Selections


Issue 01: YELLOW IS THE NEW GREEN: Golden Baicha, Golden Dragonwell

Issue 02: TRUE ROCK TEA: Huiyuan Keng Beidou, Jiulong Ke Rougui, Tianxin Yan Shuixian

Issue 03: A TASTE OF THE PAST: Dayuling (2009), Buddha's Hand (1979)

Issue 04: OUR CONTRIBUTION: 9 Day Fired Oolong, Mr.+Mrs. Chen's Original, Refired

Issue 05: AN AGED TEA FOR A NEW YEAR: 1997 Gong Ting Pu-erh

Issue 06: EPONYMOUS: Old Grove Song Cultivar



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