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Song Jin Vase, No. 1

Song Jin Vase, No. 1

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Glazed stoneware・Wood-fired

This is the lone vase we were able to acquire from the studio of Taiwanese artist Song Jin this year.

Hand-built using slab construction, then knife-faceted, this carefully crafted vessel is deceptively simple in appearance. The pot is made of groggy, iron-rich stoneware, and evidence of the particulate in the clay can be seen in the hollows and fissures of its surface. The artist does not smooth over these marks, instead letting them enhance the surface, creating a visual dialog with the streaks of glaze and vitrified wood ash.

Wood kilns are fired tightly packed, and this vase was loaded on its side. Distinct shadows can be seen on the side it was laid, spots shielded from ash and glaze by alumina wadding. The pot's horizontal position in the kiln caused the glaze to drip to one side, creating a sense of weightlessness in the finished piece.

Usage and care: this vase is glazed on the inside and is watertight. A mild detergent can be used to clean the vase if necessary.

Approximate dimensions: 260mm tall, 165mm diameter・Artist: 宋錦

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