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Smooth Vase, Variation 2

Smooth Vase, Variation 2

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Hand-turned from porcelain clay on the potter’s wheel, the simple, unglazed surface of this vase by Lin Ming Ci serves to highlight licks of flame and smatterings of ash across the pot. The qualities of this firing style are emphasized by rounds of tea seasoning, pot soaked in tea liqueur imbuing the clay with natural, luminescent oils.

This vase hails from a small series of pots by a husband and wife pottery in Miaoli, Taiwan. While the collective work of this couple has distinct through lines, there are nonetheless discernible nuances that speak to each artist’s unique hand. It’s in this attention to detail, from both the maker and the user of each vessel, that the beauty of hand-crafted pottery is illuminated.

Approximate dimensions: 265mm tall, 145m diameter・Artist: 林明賜


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