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Zhuni (Vermillion Clay)
75mm tall, 80mm diameter

Partial Hand-made・Zhu ni (vermillion clay)・160ml

This is our special re-commission of the iconic Shuiping teapot. With a history that traces back 500 years to the Ming Dynasty, this teapot’s form has changed very little in the intervening years. During that time, it has served as the standard for evaluating the craftsmanship ability of aspiring ceramicists, and as an instrument to evaluate and judge a tea’s quality.

These are six additional pots from 20 commissioned in 2021, made from a high quality vermillion zisha clay called “zhu ni”. The clay was sourced directly from a zisha production factory in Dingshan, near Yixing. We then worked with an independent ceramicist to develop the ideal shape and size. From there, the ceramicist created a mold to ensure consistency, and to ease production.

This pot was crafted partially by hand. Using the mold as a starting point, clay was pressed into the mold to create the pot’s body. The spout, lid, and handle were all shaped by hand. The smoothing and finishing of the pot was also done by hand.

This pot is graceful with perfect balance. The wall thickness is proportional to the size and capacity of the pot. The seven outlets paired with a perfectly shaped spout evacuates water quickly and evenly.

Usage and care: Thoroughly rinse particles of sand from the interior before use. Dedicate one tea type per pot. Eventually, a tea pot will be seasoned with the particular character of a tea. Hand-wash only without soap or detergent.

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