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Shino Server, Var. 1

Shino Server, Var. 1

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Earth-dark stoneware serves as the foundation of this tactile server from Taiwanese artist, Zhang Yun Cheng. Richly tactile, a sandy grog plays beneath your fingers with layers of shino glaze, dripping and pillowing in places, thin and nearly ephemeral in others. The geologic references of clay and glaze are offset with a rim whose swooping spout reads like a cursive flourish, pairing material and design in a manner that sings.

Stoneware clay is suitable for all tea types. A well-crafted spout makes for a clean pout. As in all handmade work, variations between pieces are a celebration of the artist’s hand.

Usage and care: Unglazed wood-fired pieces will season very slowly over time, though limited porosity allows for use of different tea types. Exterior of the teapot will deepen in color and develop a rich luster with use. Hand-wash only without soap or detergent.

Approximate dimensions: 90mm tall, 110mm diameter, 210ml・Artist: 張允澄

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