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Unglazed stoneware・Wood-fired

This series of diminutive, perfectly round teapots are the ideal size and shape for brewing small portions of tea for one or two. Holding between 120 and 140 ml of liquid, the tiny trumpeting spouts seem to brim with enthusiasm, ready to pour a clean, steady stream of tea.

The surface of these pots varies greatly, each uniquely mottled by the ash of the wood fire kiln. Some areas mirror the dappled surface of granite stone, others the warm, orange lick of flame. The clay body is rich with grog, further enhancing the variation and texture of the surface. This series has been listed individually, and the photographs reflect the pot you will receive.

Usage and care: Unglazed wood-fired pieces will season very slowly over time, though limited porosity allows for use of different tea types. The exterior of the teapot will deepen in color and develop a rich luster with use. Hand-wash only, without soap or detergent.

Approximate dimensions: 80mm tall, 70mm diameter, 120ml・Artist: 廖國華

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