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Persimmon Kyusu, Var. 2

Persimmon Kyusu, Var. 2

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A classic, rising profile defines this petite series of teapots from artist Zhang Yun Cheng, like a fuyu persimmon, an age old symbol of luck and good wishes. Each kyusu-style pot features an individually carved side handles of American walnut, polished to a smooth finish, and faceted by the artist’s blade.

Wood-fired twice, each firing lasting 6 days, the surface shines with licks of orange flame, drips of molten ash, and mineral-rich colors of the incinerating wood. Diminutive in stature, yet imperial in form, this series - the last from Cheng before he takes a long sabbatical from clay - are treasures to behold.

Each pot is built with a honeycomb strainer behind the spout, making for quick, clean pouring of all loose leaf teas.

Usage and care: Unglazed wood-fired pieces will season very slowly over time, though limited porosity allows for use of different tea types. Exterior of the teapot will deepen in color and develop a rich luster with use. Hand-wash only without soap or detergent.

Approximate dimensions: 80mm tall, 95mm diameter, 230ml・Artist: 張允澄

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