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Notation Tray, Small

Notation Tray, Small

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Wang Wen De 王文德
336mm width, 182mm depth, 18mm thickness


Perhaps the most iconic piece of teaware here at Song Tea, this rectangular tea tray by ceramicist Wang Wen De references our earliest collaborations with the artist and features a pattern of round drainage holes arranged in reference to the traditional musical notation system from the Tang Dynasty called, Gongche. What at first glance might be interpreted as braille, is in fact a musical composition.

Each tray is formed by joining two layers of thin stoneware, with a narrow space between for capturing water overflow. Notation patterns are punched through the top surface of the tray, and glazed with snow-white shino before firing.

We have been using Wang Wen De’s trays at our own tasting table since 2015, employing a “dry brew” or gan pao method of tea making, where little excess water is used. These trays set the tone for all of our tea preparations, a harmonic accompaniment to every steaming cup.

*Please take note that each tray can be slightly different in color tone and texture. It is not unusual to have areas of thicker glazing, and or colorations that reflect the different interactions between the mineral content of the clay body and glaze. Each tray is different, and may not be identical to the photographed item.

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