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Glazed stoneware・Wood-fired

This handsome teapot is a study in texture. Dark, mocha brown glaze covers the exterior of the pot, creating a smooth, leather-like texture down to its lower edge. There, the glaze breaks, transitioning into rich knots and ridges.

This variation in glaze is achieved through the days-long process of wood firing. In addition to the glaze the artist applies to wood-fired pots, the ash and flames of the kiln imbue the surface of these vessels with unexpected qualities, ranging from warm, fire licked flashing to ash heavy drips and bumps.

There are so many references within the form of this pot. The body seems to draw upon early bronze castings, the bell shape further suggested by the aged metal appearance of the glaze. Perhaps our favorite part of its profile, however, is the elegant curve of the finial. Admired from the side, it casts an easy likeness to the playful onion dome rooflines of byzantine churches.

Usage and care: Standing tall and stately, teapot is among the larger vessels in our collection, holding approximately 240 ml of liquid- the perfect size for brewing tea with company. The interior of the pot is glazed, allowing for use with a variety of tea types. Simply rinse with warm water between uses.

Approximate dimensions: 95mm tall, 95mm diameter, 240ml・Artist: 廖國華

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