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Glazed stoneware・14 Day Wood-fired

There is an inexplicable gracefulness to this series of teapots by Taiwanese artist, Song Jin. He begins by throwing the body on the potter's wheel, then adds squared, slab built handles. The striking contrast between the thrown and hand-built elements lends these pots a near naive look, but the balance of form and function truly represents the work of a master potter.

Song Jin’s work is wood-fired, often more than once. He subjects his pots to the kiln again and again until they achieve a depth and character to their surface that ranges from glassy to cratered. You’ll find areas that are pumice-like and pitted, while others drip with glassy streaks of natural iron or rutile. There is a rich earthiness to this work, reminiscent of ancient pottery uncovered by archeologists, forever timeless in design.

This teapot is uniquely conical, calling upon Islamic pottery traditions. Such forms were traded along the Silk Road, and adopted and adapted by Chinese artists. There is a subtle carving in the body of the pot, highlighted with glaze. The image is gestural like an arabesque or quickly sketched calligraphic.

Song Jin’s teapots are glazed inside with a thin layer of shino, allowing for use with any number of teas. Simply rinse between uses and avoid soap and detergents.

Approximate dimensions: 100mm tall, 85mm diameter, 265ml・Artist: 宋錦

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