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Meizhan Yancha

Meizhan Yancha

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Notes of aged orange peel, cocoa, and aromatic bitters.

Oolong tea from Fujian, China・May 2018・梅佔岩茶・Organic

This is an organic tea from northern Fujian Province, crafted in the manner of a mid-oxidized twisted leaf roasted oolong, using a cultivar called Meizhan.

Originally from Wuyishan, the cultivar has dark, purple tinged leaf buds and produces tea with captivating aromatics. Meizhan has always been a part of Song’s tea collection in one form or another. This year’s collection includes Gold Bud Meizhan, a red tea. Originally grown to be crafted as an oolong, our Meizhan Yancha returns to the roots of this cultivar.

This tea was grown in a certified organic tea garden located approximately two hours outside of Wuyishan. The garden sits at 600m, isolated from other tea growing areas. The leaves were picked in early May 2018, then mid-oxidized to bring out the leaves’ innate fruit and floral notes. It then saw two successive rounds of roasting: enough to impart a sugar note to the tea, but not so much as to override its fruit and floral character.

One of the most surprising characteristics of this tea is its viscosity. We rarely encounter a yancha, or “rock tea” grown outside of the Wuyishan preserve that delivers the thick texture this one does. And it does so with sweetness and notes of aged orange peel, cocoa, and aromatic bitters.

Brew: 5 grams・150 ml・205° F・1.5 min

Meizhan Yancha offers a range in character. Brewed to our suggestions, this tea will be lush and sweet, with a hint of aromatic bitterness on the finish. Longer, higher temperature extraction will highlight that finish. Lower temperature extractions will deliver sweetness and texture.

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