Lunar, Zhu ni

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Hand-formed・Zhu ni (pearl clay)・120ml

This small tea pot was completely slab-built by hand using a Huang Long Shan vermillion clay called "zhu ni", or pearl clay. Its Chinese name loosely translates to mean "ancient moon” - an unusual for a pot with such clean and simple lines.

Artist chop is stamped on the bottom, underside of the lid, and the handle. Seven outlets arranged in a diamond pattern allows for quick drainage. Limited series of four pieces.

Usage and care: Thoroughly rinse particles of sand from the interior before use. Dedicate one tea type per pot. Eventually, a tea pot will be seasoned with the particular character of a tea. Hand-wash only without soap or detergent.

Dimensions: 48mm tall, 80mm diameter・Pot Name: 古月壺・Artist: 朱關琴

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