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Laas Gaal

Laas Gaal

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Song Jin 宋錦
Stoneware, Shino, Cobalt
81mm tall, 88mm dia.

Shino-glazed stoneware・14 day wood-fired

Intrigue of surface and texture abound in this latest series of stoneware teapots from Taiwanese artist, Song Jin. Deeply inscribed line work hints at written characters, landscapes, or tiny vignettes, hidden beneath a layer of unctuous shino glaze. Ranging from pillowy white to breaks of burnt pumpkin and orange peel, these vessels highlight the breadth one glaze may take across multiple, repeat firings. Subtle crazing runs through the surface of the glaze, lines that pose to create more contrast over each slow, successive pot of tea.

This form was begun at the potter's wheel, thrown, carved, and trimmed with a deft hand. The handle, made from a flattened strip of clay follows the path of the artist’s fingers, grooved down the center, and notched below to catch a knuckle as you pour from the vessel. A series of holes behind the spout create a sieve for the leaves, eliminating the need for strainers and tea bags, and creating quick, clean evacuation.

The interior of each pot is glazed with a light layer of shino, and may be used with all tea types. To wash, simply rinse between uses or hand scrub with mild detergent.


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