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Kato Pink + White Tea Storage

Kato Pink + White Tea Storage

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Tin・Enamel・A century of craftsmanship

From the same makers of our sleek, black Si Fang Cha canisters, come two new bespoke Song Collection tea vessels. Kato Seisakusho has been manufacturing traditional Japanese tea canisters since 1895. Every component is cut and rolled from tin sheet metal, using foot pedal operated cutters, and assembled with pressure as opposed to solder. This process has remained consistent throughout the decades, with most of the work performed by 83 year old artisan Sazuka-san, who has been immersed in the craft for 68 years. After completing each individual canister, Sazuka-san passes them along to another artisan, who sprays each one with a light enamel coating before heat curing it in a kiln.

We offer two playful colors for our canisters - powdery pink and soft white, which are each burnished with a simple ‘Song’. These are perfect for gifting, or for keeping, and make a lovely addition to any shelf.

We've also made these canisters available as optional packaging for our collection of teas. To purchase canister with tea, please refer to the individual tea description pages.

Approximate dimensions: 110mm tall, 75mm diameter

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