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Jewelbox, Var. 1

Jewelbox, Var. 1

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Stoneware・Shino・Wood-fired x 10 days

A distinct reverence for tea drinking drives the work of Taiwanese master potter, Zhang Yun Cheng. His home sits in the hills of Nantou County, surrounded on all sides by tea gardens, a rich tableau of green and misty grey. In his latest series for Song Tea, the relationship between craft, culture, and context is directly reflected in the surface of the pots. While this tea bowl is unglazed, a lustrous patina catches in the light, the result of post-firing seasoning in tea.

Many elements are at play on this stunning tea cup. Iron rich clay imbues the shino glaze with a deep sienna, dotted with an orange peel texture across the bottom half. Above, nebulous clusters of glaze gather like dabs of foam, settling in a ring in the interior of the cup. Flashes of metalic purple and golds are the result of ash and flame dancing across the pot during the long, five day firing, an effect that is exaggerated tea seasoning. There is an energy to this pot, akin to joy, or anticipation. A token, perhaps, of the year to come.

About Tea Bowls

In Taiwan, tea bowls are often used to drink loose leaf tea. It's quite simple and works wonders on most of our teas.

Simply warm a tea bowl, add tea leaves, and add water. We suggest using 1 to 2 grams less tea than our normal recommended dosage. Fill the bowl 2/3 of the way to the top. Pour a steady stream of water over the leaves to help them settle to the bottom. Steep until leaves have just opened. Sip, and add more water if necessary.

Usage and care: Hand-wash only, without soap or detergent.

Approximate dimensions: 65mm tall, 90mm diameter, 220ml・Artist: 張允澄


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