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Huang Meigui

Huang Meigui

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Notes of rose, orgeat, and honey.

White tea from Fujian, China・April 2015・黃玫瑰白・Organic

This is a white tea crafted from a new cultivar called Huang Meigui (Yellow Rose). It is one of the cultivars grown on a newly developed organic garden located in northeastern Fujian Province. Since 2013, we've been collaborating with this garden to develop teas that apply traditional crafting methods to new tea varieties.

This tea was hand-picked in mid-April 2015. The leaves were then transferred indoors, and placed on trays under constant air flow for over 30 hours. This slow dehydration allowed the leaves to gently oxidize as they dry. The process produced roundness, sweetness, and accentuated the leaves' innate florality.

The result is a tea that is wonderfully aromatic, creamy, and sweet. The character and texture of the tea is bright and lively to the point of effervescent.

Brew: 4 grams・150 ml・200° F・1.5 min

We had fun brewing this tea, and discovered that it takes well to both fast and long brews. The former produces a tea with clarity and sweetness, while time adds complexity and accentuates floral notes. We strongly suggest dosing by weight, as the larger leaves can be misleadingly light. Gradually add water on top of the leaves, ensuring that each leaf is moistened. Brewed covered.

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