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Half Dome

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Taiwanese artist Liao Guo Hua’s mastery of his craft yields pots rich with personality. Smooth, clean throw lines draw his pots up or out, signifying stateliness or gravity, respectively, and each meticulous tilt of handle or spout adds to the individual narrative of the piece.

Immediately striking for its exaggerated body, both the form and surface of this teapot read like the speckled egg of an oversized bird. A textural gradient reads upwards from a pebbled matte to smooth to iron mottled glass, there is a certain dignity to the stature of this pot- standing tall with shoulders back, and ever so dignified. This 10-day fired teapot was fired in two separate sessions of 5 days each.

Usage and care: Unglazed wood-fired pieces will season very slowly over time, though limited porosity allows for use of different tea types. The exterior of the teapot will deepen in color and develop a rich luster with use. Hand-wash only, without soap or detergent.

Approximate dimensions: 88mm tall, 60mm diameter, 120ml・Artist: 廖國華


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