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Green Willow

Green Willow

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Glazed stoneware・Wood-fired

This teapot holds its weight low, creating a vessel both visually comforting, and comforting to pour with. The grounded body is contrasted against a highly set handle and distinct finial, pulling the pot upward, creating a balanced tension between high and low.

Fired for five days in a wood kiln, the glaze covering the exterior of the pot refuses to be categorized as a single color. Breaking between creamy yellows, flecks of blue, warm, toasty shades of browns and greens, it is a kaleidoscope of earth tones.

Smooth across the lid and body of the pot, the handle shows evidence of the kilns heat and flames. Here the glaze is drier, creating a crystalline texture, making it all the more tactile to pour with. Ten drain holes allow for quick and seamless pouring.

Usage and care: Holding approximately 270 ml of liquid, it is among the larger vessels in our collection, ideal for sharing tea with company. The interior of the pot is glazed, allowing for use with a variety of tea types. Simply rinse between uses.

Approximate dimensions: 95mm tall, 95mm diameter, 270ml・Artist: 廖國華

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