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Precisely formed angles create a mesmerizing geometry to this new gaiwan and saucer set from Taiwanese master potter, Wang Wen De. Handbuilt from slabs of stoneware clay, each piece is brushed with a thick slurry of slip and glazed in bone-white shino. This stark and arresting composition is made ever more poignant by the addition of a charcoal black finial hand hewn from pear wood that sits atop the lid of the vessel, creating an easy grip for the hand as you brew and pour.

*Please take note that each pot may be slightly different in color tone, texture, size, and shape. It is not unusual to have areas of thicker glazing, and or colorations that reflect the different interactions between the mineral content of the clay body and glaze. Each tea pot is unique, and may not be identical to the photographed item.

Approximate dimensions: 88mm tall, 88mm diameter, 120ml capacity・Artist: 王文德

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