Four Seasons Red

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Notes of lemongrass, muscovado sugar, and lemon custard.

Red tea from Taiwan・April 2016・四季紅・Unsprayed

Given the right conditions and expert craftsmanship, the most common tea cultivars can be elevated to great heights.

This tea is crafted from the four seasons spring cultivar. Developed by Taiwan's Tea Research and Extension Station to be highly adaptive and able to produce through multiple seasons (thus the name), it is a fairly prolific cultivar in Taiwan. More often than not, it's seen in mass produced fragrant green oolongs.

From there, this tea departs from the norm. It is grown at 1500m on Lishan - and crafted from leaves bitten by leaf hoppers which produces a chemical reaction in the leaf that gives the tea its honeyed sweetness. The elevation further gives this tea texture, finish, and complexity.

The tea maker worked with these inputs to craft a tea that is both unexpected and unique in texture, aroma, and taste. Its tastings notes: lemongrass, muscovado sugar and lemon custard, are unlike any other tea.

Brew: 5 grams・150 ml・203° F・1 min

This tea is a pleasure to brew, from dry leaves through final steep. It readily releases aroma and flavor without requiring a long steep time, yet can withstand longer steeping without producing bitterness or astringency. This is all to say that a brew guide - other than the dosage and temperature parameters we list - is probably not necessary.

Size guide

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Metric quantities Ounce equivalent  Servings
30 grams (new size!) 1.05 oz. 5-8
60 grams 2.10 oz. 10-15
120 grams 4.20 oz. 20-30
240 grams 8.46 oz. 40-60