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Flower Shiboridashi

Flower Shiboridashi

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Thrown from semi-translucent porcelain, with a small spout for easy pouring, our latest collaborative series with Erin Louis Clancy inspires, and was inspired by, joy.

Delicate, mishima line work in bright red, traces the outlines of flowers, with petals glazed in shades of yellows, pinks, and greens. Heavy strokes of iron-rich, oxblood glaze feather at the edges, fading to celadon blue. This 120ml shiboridashi is ideally sized for brewing for two. Complete your collection with a pair of Flower Cups, available here.

* Please take note that each shiboridashi can be slightly different in color tone, texture, size, and shape. It is not unusual to have areas of thicker glazing, and or colorations that reflect the different interactions between the mineral content of the clay body and glaze. Each shiboridashi is hand made and unique, and may not be identical to the photographed item.

Usage and care: Hand-wash only, mild detergent and a soft sponge is ok.

Approximate dimensions: 90mm tall, 88mm diameter, 120ml・Artist: Erin Louise Clancy

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