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Fleck, Five

Fleck, Five

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Glazed stoneware・Iron oxide5 day wood-fired

This fleck teapot by ceramicist Liao Guo Hua features iron oxide particles embedded in the stoneware clay body. The piece is hand-formed, glazed on both exterior and interior, then fired in a wood-kiln for 5 days.

What emerges reveals the transformative effect of wood-firing: dark gray flecks express through the glaze, appearing like charcoal smears on paper. The partial exterior glaze leaves the raw clay exposed at the base. This particular teapot uses fewer iron oxide particles, and so appears whiter than others in the series, with a single and dramatic running drip at the base of the handle.

The pot body is rounded - with a delicate spout. A round finial graces this tea pot.

Usage and care: Hand-wash with water only.

Approximate dimensions: 70mm tall, 70mm diameter, 130ml capacity・Artist: 廖國華

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