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Like the dappled belly of rainbow trout, glimpsed through a cold stream, the luminous surfaces of this series of teapots seem to shimmer and shift with each passing glance. Thrown from smooth, snow-white porcelain, the exterior of each pot is unglazed. Instead, the glassy surface, flashes of red gold, and dark freckles are each the result of a 5-day journey of fire and ash through Liao Guo Hua’s homemade wood-fired kiln.

In this series, the unpredictable nature of this process serves only to highlight the clean, deft lines of the artist’s work. Precisely thrown forms, tight lids and sharp finials, and the bubbled curve of the handle, contrast against the free-flowing colors and speckles of the surface. This tension is at the root of all of Liao Guo Hua’s work, a contrast of features that sing in harmony.

Usage and care: This interior-glazed teapot is suitable for use with all tea types. Simply rinse between uses or hand-wash with mild detergent. A built-in strainer allows for easy brewing and quick, clean evacuation.

Approximate dimensions: 80mm tall, 73m diameter, 155ml・Artist: 廖國華


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