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Fat Pear, Zini

Fat Pear, Zini

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80mm tall, 84mm dia.

Partial Hand-made・Zini (fortified clay)

An ebullient new form to our zisha clay collection, this series of Fat Pear teapots are crafted from purple Zi Ni clay, mined locally in Yixing, China. The semi-porous nature of this clay body allows oils from steeping tea leaves to season the vessel over time, giving each pot its unique terroir - a prized characteristic of zisha pottery.

Unlike most pottery that is thrown and trimmed on a potter’s wheel, zisha pots are formed using wooden paddles and small rolling pins. These pots were started with the pressing of clay into molds to create the initial shape before finishing the handle, spout, and lid by hand.

These final touches result in soft, Rubenesque curves mirrored again in the smooth surface of the clay, burnished to a powdery softness. Well-balanced, with a built-in strainer, it’s a beautifully simple vessel to handle, with an easy, dripless pour.

Usage and care: Thoroughly rinse any particles of sand from the interior before use. Dedicate one tea type per pot. Eventually, a tea pot will be seasoned with the particular character of a tea. Hand-wash only without soap or detergent.


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