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Facet Bowl, One

Facet Bowl, One

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Unglazed stoneware・Knife-cut・Wood-fired

This dramatic faceted bowl from ceramicist Zhang Yun Cheng was first thrown on a wheel, then knife-cut and smoothed by hand. The resulting appearance is jewel-like, with a subtle swirl pattern on the exterior.

This bowl was crafted of stoneware. It entered the kiln unglazed, but emerged with a unique “glaze” of vitrified. This particular bowl has a layer of vitrified fly ash on one side, with “oil spots” that are similar to Mandelbrot set images. The bowl has also been seasoned by the ceramicist, giving it an iridescent shimmer from residual tea oils.

Approximate dimensions: 80mm tall, 85mm diameter, 220ml capacity・Artist: 張允澄

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