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Dragon Phoenix Clear Heart

Dragon Phoenix Clear Heart

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Notes of cherimoya, buttercream, and edamame.

Oolong from Taiwan・2018・龍鳳峽清心・EU standard conventional

This is the second year we’ve carried this oolong from Dragon Phoenix Gorge. These cooler temperature and mist-shrouded gardens produced a tea with clarity, aromatics, and texture.

This tea is produced by a single craftsman, Mr. Wu. His tea is noted for its precision and consistency. From harvesting through withering and rolling, each step is done with such scientific exactitude that one may expect the resultant tea to lack character. On the contrary, each tea that Mr. Wu produces is exceptional, and carries a depth of character.

This tea was picked on April 28, 2018. The garden is located at 1700m on Shan Lin Xi in the Dragon Phoenix Gorge. It was crafted from the Qing Xin (Clear Heart) cultivar and lightly oxidized to accentuate fruitiness and florality. We received the tea via air shipment only a few short weeks later. This tea was then finished by us, lightly baked at our tea studio in San Francisco to further concentrate the tea’s innate fruit and floral notes.

Dragon Phoenix Clear Heart perfectly balances the bright florality of light oxidized Taiwanese oolongs with a richness and complexity that can only come from its specific terroir, with notes of cherimoya, buttercream, and edamame.

Brew: 6 grams・150 ml・203° F・2 min

This tea brews without astringency or bitterness and its character is best expressed through longer brews that take advantage of how forgiving it is. The result is a persistent finish that blends fruit and flower notes

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