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From Liao Guo Hua’s personal archive come sixteen masterful teapots that together chart the breadth and variation of two decades of atmospheric firings in the artist’s remote wood kiln.

Standing with the poise of Degas’ precocious Little Dancer, the quiet tones of this pot belie its form. The classic, regal shape of the spout and tapered handle seem the model to which all subsequent teapots refer. A tightly fitting lid and honeycombed filter beneath the spout allow for quick, clean pouring.

Unglazed, this piece will season slowly over time, though limited porosity allows use for various tea types. Oils from the tea will create a deepened color and luster with use. Signed by the artist.

Usage and care: This teapot is suitable for use with all tea types. Simply rinse between uses, or hand wash without soap or detergent.

Approximate dimensions: 85mm tall, 80mm diameter, 220ml・Artist: 廖國華


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