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Celadon Wheat

Celadon Wheat

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Glazed stoneware・Wood-fired・190ml

Ceramicist Liao Guo Hua works with a range of different clay bases and glazes, using long, five-day firings in wood kilns to draw out the uniqueness of each piece. This is one in a series of ten celadon pieces we commissioned in 2018 from Liao Guo Hua. This series features pale blue celadon glazing on the exterior, and a glazed interior. Each piece is then wood-fired for 5 days.

This barrel-shaped teapot has unique detailing from wood ash that had fallen on and marked the celadon glazing on the top and sides of the pot. These textural drips give this piece a character distinct from other pots in this series. Slight beveled lid with a uniquely shaped finial, graceful spout with 7 outlets for water evacuation. The exterior and interior is glazed. The foot of the teapot is unglazed, and signed by the artist.

Usage and care: Wood-fired pieces will season very slowly over time, though limited porosity allows for use of different tea types. Exterior of the teapot will deepen in color and develop a rich luster as it patinas. Hand-wash only without soap or detergent.

Approximate dimensions: 80mm tall, 75mm diameter, 190ml・Artist: 廖國華


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