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Celadon Study, Two

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Hand-formed・Wood-fired celadon-glazed stoneware・150ml

This “celadon study” pot features a thick celadon interior and exterior glaze over wood-fired stoneware.

The gray and sage toned glaze reaches down to near the base of the pot, ending with an organic free-flowing edge that contrasts dramatically with burnished metallic tones of the raw clay.

The lid on this pot is also celadon glazed, but also layered with an additional layer of vitrified fly ash. Delicate handle, spout, and throat gives the pot an incredible lightness of being. The thick glaze has a beautiful crackle that will deepen with use. Fired in a wood-burning kiln for five days.

Usage and care: Hand-wash with water only.

Approximate dimensions: 80mm tall, 65mm diameter

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