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Burnished, Three

Burnished, Three

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Hand-formed・Wood-fired unglazed stoneware・190ml

Hand-formed wood-fired pot. Swath of dark metallic tones cover the face and lower body, balanced by a subtle layer of vitrified fly ash that resembles hare’s fur on the lid and back. Border between the two areas defined by a swirl of black that resemble an enigmatic aurora borealis.

Medium sized pot, with beveling on the lid. A graceful slightly swooping spout (that points ever so slightly to the left). Seven outlets arranged in a hexagonal pattern for drainage.

Unglazed stoneware, using a blend of Taiwanese and Japanese clay, then fired in a wood-burning kiln for five days. This pot was pre-seasoned by the artist.

Usage and care: Hand-wash with water only.

Approximate dimensions: 80mm tall, 75mm diameter

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