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Big Leaf Shuixian

Big Leaf Shuixian

Notes of sansho pepper, watermelon rind, and roasted pine nut.


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April 2022
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Notes of sansho pepper, watermelon rind, and roasted pine nut.

Oolong from Taiwan・2022・大葉水仙・Unsprayed

Though Big Leaf Shuixian is a modern tea through and through, it’s crafted using centuries-old methods that link Fujian Province and Taiwan. The result, a twisted leaf green oolong, is aromatic and complex while maintaining a light profile and sweetness.

This tea was harvested at 1300m from a small, remote grove in Taiwan’s Lishan mountain range. These trees were planted over three decades ago, from plants that closely resemble large leaf shuixian trees used to make Wuyishan rock tea, both in genetic makeup and in name. Here in Lishan these plants have rooted deep into the nutrient-rich Taiwanese soil. High elevation, and cool climates foster slow, complex flavor development and aromatic compounds within the leaves.

No matter how exquisite a fresh tea may be, this provenance is rendered mute without skilled craftsmanship. We sent this harvest to hands we trust, the maker of our Red Water Shuixian. There, the tea was processed in the manner of a classic Wuyishan yancha, first by picking a traditional 5-leaf stalk, which slows the rate of oxidation. The stalks are gradually withered before being rolled and bruised. At this point, the finish determines the teas final nature. Charcoal roasted, these leaves would become a Shuixian Yancha. But baking, as you’ll taste here, creates a lighter, softly woodsy, melon-scented liquor, with a distinct Taiwanese fingerprint.

Big Leaf Shuixian brews top notes of citrus and clotted cream, that unfurl to heart notes of sansho pepper, watermelon rind, persimmon, and pine nuts. The mouthfeel of this tea is especially luxurious, like the texture of jojoba oil, or roundness of roasted sunchokes.


Brew: 5 grams・150 ml・208° F・2 min

We’ve brewed these leaves at a range of temperatures, from 195F to 208F. Higher temperatures give the liquor a smooth, rounded mouthfeel, akin to jojoba oil or roasted sunchokes.

5 g
150 ml
208º F
2 min
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