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April 30 Amber

April 30 Amber

Notes of corn tortilla, toasted coconut, and tiger lily.


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April 2024
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Medium Charcoal


As our knowledge of cultivation and craft grows, so does our ability to play with each successive step, dialing a tea’s final character specifically to our liking. April 30 Amber is one of a handful of teas that Song has had a direct hand in during every stage of production, from field to finish. You may recognize this date from elsewhere in our collection. Indeed, April 30 Gold is the same exact tea, harvested and processed identically. The difference between these two teas lies in their finishing roasts, and the results are strikingly distinct.

Unlike last year’s harvest, the morning these leaves were picked dawned clear and bright, allowing us to process the leaves in the early morning sunshine. In the initial withering period, direct sunlight draws forth a specific floral aroma from tea leaves that’s absent in shade withered teas. It’s these chance variables that provide an unexpected and delight nuance to tea making from year to year - and sets this year’s tea apart from its 2023 counterpart.

Both April 30 oolongs are ripe with tropical aromatics from extended withering. This iteration, April 30 Amber, underwent rounds of medium-temperature charcoal roasting over longan wood pits. It’s lighter than last year’s roaster version, pulling back a bit to highlight the floral nature that the morning sunshine imbued. The result is tantalizingly sweet and layered with a soft, rich texture and finish.

Brew: 5 grams・150 ml・205° F・2 min

We crafted this tea for depth and range. To truly appreciate this, we suggest using the 2 minute steep time as a starting point. A 2 minute brew yields a light, toasty tea akin to hojicha. Three minutes yield increasing complexity. Four minutes yields a rich, hearty brew with layers of fruit and toffee. This is our preferred steep time.

5 g
150 ml
208º F
2 min
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