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A Pair of Red & Blue Cups

A Pair of Red & Blue Cups

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The beauty of these cups lives in their opposing forces. Thrown from a deep, earth-dark stoneware, Taiwanese artist, Liao Guo Hua has chosen to pair these little cups with a light, ethereal glaze. The thick, cloud-like shino, tinged with the pink blush of dawn marries earth and sky together, creating tension and harmony in each small form. This is the artist’s signature style; a continued investigation of light and dark, fine lines and thick curves, yin and yang.

Each cup opens wide creating a vast surface to the tea within, a cooling form that allows heat to dissipate more quickly, steam rising from the cup in great wafts, lowering the liqueur within to a palatable temperature. Not unlike the first nudges of mercury towards a more temperate springtime.

Usage and care: These interior-glazed cups are suitable for use with all tea types. Simply rinse between uses or hand-wash with mild detergent.

Approximate dimensions: 42mm tall, 68m diameter, 40ml・Artist: 廖國華


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