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9 Day Fired Oolong, Equal Justice Society Donation

9 Day Fired Oolong, Equal Justice Society Donation

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Join us in the fight against police brutality and racism.

In an effort to amplify Black Voices here in the Bay Area, we are releasing the remaining stock of our 9 Day Fired Oolong, and donating 100% of the sales to Oakland's Equal Justice Society, who provide Implicit Bias Training to public defenders, targets the school-to-prison pipeline, and addresses inequities in the criminal justice system.

Save for an appearance in Volume 01 of The Founder’s Collection, we’ve kept this tea under tight wraps, and have never before released it to the public. We hope that by sharing something we hold quite special, that you will be inspired to join us in our stand against racism.



Oolong tea from Taiwan・April 2016, refired・Unsprayed

It took several rounds of roasting this 2016 Lishan Orchid Oolong before we settled on a formula that coaxed the best flavors from these leaves. The process begins with a three day drying roast, low and slow at 70°C. While we tried to speed this step up, quicker trials lacked the candy sugar sweetness that we were after. Between the fourth and six day of roasting, the color of the leaves began to change, from a forest green to a beautiful amber.

The result is a buttery brew, with a finish that extends far beyond what this tea was able to delivery when fresh. This tea is an amalgamation of clean sweet notes of watercress, pistachio biscotti, and nutty cocoa nibs.

Brew: 5 grams・150 ml・208° F・2.5 min

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