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Notes of aged cognac, passionfruit, and coconut jam.

Oolong tea from Taiwan・April 2021・清心紅烏龍・Unsprayed

Ruby is a high-oxidized “red” oolong tea that comes from a 1000m tea garden in the Alishan mountain range. The name derives from the beautiful red hue of this tea’s liquor, and to the high oxidization level that lands this tea somewhere between an oolong and a red.

Ruby’s base cultivar is unique to this tea maker. It is a variant of the qing xin cultivar, grown from seed rather than cloned. It is unusual for tea farmers to grow their plants from seeds as it is difficult to estimate the outcome of leaf size, quality, and flavor when left to genetic chance. But our tea maker spent nearly a decade developing this cultivar to express a broad range and depth when oxidized. The result of his efforts is stunning: this tea is complex and rich, while simultaneously tangy, tropical, and extremely drinkable.

The oxidization rate of Ruby exceeds 60%, achieved through a long period of cool temperature withering that produces dark, red-brown leaves. This extended withering produces distinct honey and fruit notes in the tea. Following the oxidation period, the tea receives over a week of low-temperature convection roasting to fully develop its sweet, sugary notes.

While high-oxidized red oolongs have come into vogue over the past 5 years, none have captured our attention like Ruby.

Brew: 6 grams・150 ml・208° F・2 min


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