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Small Monsoon Chawan, Var. 6

Small Monsoon Chawan, Var. 6

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Shino-glazed stoneware・14 day wood-fired

Pillowing mounds of shino glaze puff and crawl along the surface of Song Jin’s tea bowls, creating an invitation for fingers to touch and explore. It’s this tactility that lies at the center of Jin’s work, an inherent understanding of materiality, and the use of imperfection to create beautiful forms that draw both hand and eye.

These petite vessels can be used both for tea bowl-style drinking, or as cups, and are perfect held close to your chest on a chilly day, tendrils steam rising up from your tea.

Song Jin’s work is fired multiple times, over a period of two months. Like heavy steeping, this process brings the character of the material to the surface, expressed in pits and valleys with a rich, umber-toned patina. Shino crazes naturally, and with repeated use, these fine lines will grow more pronounced, a testament and record of every cup of tea.


About Tea Bowls

In Japan, tea bowls are traditionally used to drink whisked powdered tea (matcha). In Taiwan, they are often used to drink loose leaf tea. We've adopted this latter approach. It's quite simple - and works wonders on most of our teas.

Simply warm a tea bowl, add tea leaves, and add water. We suggest using 1 to 2 grams less tea than our normal recommended dosage, and filling the bowl 2/3 of the way to the top. Adding a slow steady stream of the water over the leaves also help the leaves settle to the bottom. Steep until leaves have just opened. Sip, and add more water if necessary.

Drinking tea from a bowl is both casual, and elegant. It's also a very personal and comforting experience.

Approximate dimensions: 73mm tall, 75mm diameter, 175ml volume・Artist: 宋錦

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